Guest Operations and File Permissions

There is a part of the vSphere API called Guest Operations. Not many people use it but I’ve found it useful over the years. I first discovered it while building a self provisioning portal back in 2011. At the time I was using VMware Orchestrator for the workflow engine and web views for the webContinue reading “Guest Operations and File Permissions”

vSphere Workload Management and NSX Errors

So today I finally built out my lab with vSphere 7 Workload Management (vSphere 7 with Kubernetes). I though everything was going fine until I got an error: Failed to list all distributed switches in vCenter <GUID>Cluster domain-cxxxx is missing compatible NSX-T VDS Well this was a suprise to me. I had a NSX-T distributedContinue reading “vSphere Workload Management and NSX Errors”

The Skee-Ball Machine: Part 7, 7 Segment Displays

After much googling for the right size seven segment displays I decided to build my own. By using the plastic pieces from the original I would keep the same look and feel. Instead of using the old incandescent lights that constantly burn out and are specialty lights I went with LEDs. By using addressable LEDsContinue reading “The Skee-Ball Machine: Part 7, 7 Segment Displays”

The Skee-Ball Machine: Part 6, Wiring It All Up

The custom PCBs for my sensor assembly arrived some time ago. Unfortunate I messed up and put the wrong foot print on the boards for my headers. After a long pause to figure out if redoing the board was best or just use what I already have I chose to use what I have. InsteadContinue reading “The Skee-Ball Machine: Part 6, Wiring It All Up”