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My wife says I need a tasteful nude of myself holding a Dremel.

Calendar Roulette

My calendar has been pretty packed recently. I’m covering an extra territory, interviewing people for positions, doing internal training, and a bunch of other things. With all that I have had some times when I’ve been septuple booked. That’s seven meetings at once. When they are all important how do you pick which one toContinue reading “Calendar Roulette”

Salesforce Automation

This is probably a little sales specific but since I spent some time writing some automation figured I’d post it. I was tired of having to go through all of my open opportunities in Salesforce (SFDC). The lightning version that is being pushed out is SOOOO SLOWWWWW. To the point of being almost unusable (forContinue reading “Salesforce Automation”

ESXi On Pi

As everyone has probably seen VMware released ESXi on ARM. They happened to write support for the Raspberry PI into the release. So I’m calling it ESXi On Pi. Sounds way cooler. I was hoping that I would be able to run this on my NVIDIA Jetson Nano but the Jetson doesn’t have a UEFIContinue reading “ESXi On Pi”


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