NSX-T Edge Interface Monitoring

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from customers about how to monitor their NSX-T edges in AVS. Since the edges are considered management components customer don’t get access to the edge VMs in AVS (or most other clouds). This is done to protect the customer from breaking their environment by accidentally doing something to theContinue reading “NSX-T Edge Interface Monitoring”

vSphere Content Library on Azure Blob

A few month ago I thought it would be nice to have a vSphere content library on blob store. I did some googling and found Trevor Davis had posted this: https://avs.ms/centralized-avs-content-library-on-azure-blob/. I read it and thought there has got to be a better way than making the library on my machine running William Lam’s scriptContinue reading “vSphere Content Library on Azure Blob”

Third Party Firewalls in AVS

There have been quite a few blog posts about third party firewalls or in Azure speak NVA (Network Virtual Appliance) in AVS. Why Azure calls these NVAs and not VNFs (Virtual Network Function) like the rest of the world is a question I’d like to have answered. While the DFW (Distributed Firewall) should be usedContinue reading “Third Party Firewalls in AVS”

NSX-T 802.1q Over Geneve

I’ve had a few questions about 802.1q trunk ports over NSX-T overlay segments. Normally the question are around using a trunk port to connect a firewall VM to get around the 10 network interface limit on VMware VMs. Unfortunately that type of configuration has one major issue. The VMs being secured must do VLAN taggingContinue reading “NSX-T 802.1q Over Geneve”

Multiple VM Storage Policies

I had an ask from a customer about how to set storage policies on multiple VMs in AVS. You can accomplish this via run commands as documented https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-vmware/configure-storage-policy but the customer needed a little bit more flexibility in specifying multiple VMs to run the command against. The run command supports wild cards but that wasContinue reading “Multiple VM Storage Policies”