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I’ve talked about starting a blog for a long time. My Skee-Ball project made me do it

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ESXi as a BGP Speaker

Have you ever wanted to remove L2 between datacenter switches? I was talking with one of my friends Sheihkar Chander and he was told by VMware that L2 was a must between TORs for ESXi to work if you had interfaces across the TORs. Well that seems to defeat the point of spine-leaf to me.Continue reading “ESXi as a BGP Speaker”

VPN and Local Routes

Recently I was working on a script and need to access my local vCenter. I happened to be on a different network that needed to route to another network. This had been working fine but at some point a new VPN configuration got pushed to my machine. Normally I would just switch laptops but IContinue reading “VPN and Local Routes”

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