Multi Cluster NSX-T NVDS to VDS Migration

With the release of the converged VDS (CVDS) in ESXi 7 NSX-T users are able to convert back to a vCenter managed VDS. This helps in reducing management overhead for the environment and you can read all about it elsewhere. For people who have a multi transport VLAN confguration on your N-VDS the regular migrationContinue reading “Multi Cluster NSX-T NVDS to VDS Migration”

Guest Operations and File Permissions

There is a part of the vSphere API called Guest Operations. Not many people use it but I’ve found it useful over the years. I first discovered it while building a self provisioning portal back in 2011. At the time I was using VMware Orchestrator for the workflow engine and web views for the webContinue reading “Guest Operations and File Permissions”