Power Wheels and Toddlers

Years ago we got my daughter a bright pink RZR Per Perego. It seats two and she and her brother rode around for hours and hours. My daughter is a very good listener and a rule follower much like her father. She stopped at stop signs and curves in the road. She listened when you told her to stop. The wheels and motor are very loud so sometimes its hard to hear. I can’t hear the neighbors talking when I’m walking next to it. Yelling generally get through the noise though. As time went on both the kids grew up and my daughter decided to learn to ride an bike. She learned and now doesn’t want to drive/ride in the power wheel. Soooo…. my son gets to drive. Yes it’s terrifying a two year old driving around the neighborhood. He’s good at staying on the sidewalk and stopping for cars. Stopping when I tell him to is another thing. Last week he was driving with his friend and he took off and didn’t stop. I sent his sister off on her bike to stop him. He of course didn’t listen to her either. His sister and her friend keep trying to stop him until me and the neighbor kids mother hear a scream. Of course we both have flip flops on a take off down the road hoping not to trip and eat asphalt. Everyone was OK. Nothing but little girls screaming. But that episode was the last. Took the power wheels away and had lots of crying.

Long story but now project time. I decided to rig up a remote kill switch so I can turn him off when he gets to far. 20 minutes on the internet and I get a few things.

  1. A replacement charger undefined
  2. A replacement battery lead undefined
  3. A remote control relay undefined

I only needed the charger and lead for the connectors. So I cut off the excess and connected them to the relay

Connected and Powered On

So now instead of timeout screaming and yelling I can just turn off the jeep when he gets to far away or he doesn’t listen. I’m not sure of the power draw while of the relay but the battery needs charging almost after every ride anyways. So I’m not too worried about it. And yes my wire strippers and my dog had a run in a few years ago. I should probably print a new handle.

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