Jeep Locks

Another day another broken something. I got in the Jeep a couple of days ago and felt something hit my leg when I closed the door. I reached my hand down without looking thinking it was nothing and found the power lock buttons hanging out of the door.

Jeep Locks

Ok. So now what? Looked at the part and found the tabs on the back were missing. It’s a 2012 Jeep so not really unexpected that there would be some plastic parts breaking. UV, heat, off roading… Stuff happens. I happened to be going to the auto parts store anyways for oil and a filter. Of course they don’t carry the bezel. Suggested a junkyard or another Jeep store that was closed on Sundays(it was Sunday). So I ordered one off When I get home I get the thank you for your order email but the piece is out of stock! Why am I telling you this part? Because Quadratech has the best order cancellation email about Brad who pulls packages off trucks. Got a good laugh from that. So ordered from somewhere else and I have my bezel in two days.

Detach the wire harness. Take two screws out of the bezel. Put on the new bezel and screws. Pop it back in. Easy. Jeep fixed.

New Bezel
Two Screws

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