HCX Removal

Have you finished your cloud migration and need to remove or uninstall HCX? VMware has a nice KB on how to do this. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-HCX/4.2/hcx-user-guide/GUID-28172DB0-93C6-4A7A-B5A9-51C8325B02DC.html. Basically make sure all replications are finished, unextend any networks, delete any service meshes, delete the site pairing, power off the connector appliance, delete it, and unregister the extensions. Seems easyContinue reading “HCX Removal”

NSX-T Load Balancer With External Devices

Have you ever wanted to use the NSX-T load balancer to provide access to resources outside of NSX-T? This sounds easy enough but the routing of the outside network stack may cause some issues. A diagram helps here: In this example when the external client accesses a load balancer or DNAT on the T1 directedContinue reading “NSX-T Load Balancer With External Devices”

Ping is not a real latency measurement

Customer says “I need XXms latency.” What do you do? Break out the command line and ping from server A to server B. Numbers below what they asked for? Great. What happens when it’s higher than they need? I have a customer that is asking for less than 0.2 ms of latency between two WindowsContinue reading “Ping is not a real latency measurement”