Deploy HCX to AVS via Powershell

Quick post today. I was looking for how to deploy HCX via powershell to my AVS cloud. There didn’t seem to be any examples and the documentation was hard to read. So in case someone else needs it:

$hcxProperties = New-Object -type "Microsoft.Azure.PowerShell.Cmdlets.VMware.Models.Api20211201.AddonHcxProperties"
$hcxProperties.AddonType= "hcx"
$hcxProperties.Offer = "VMware MaaS Cloud Provider (Enterprise)"
New-AzVMwareAddon -PrivateCloudName $pcName -ResourceGroupName $rgName -SubscriptionId $subid -Property $hcxProperties

Not to hard just not well documented. You will need to set your environmental variables correctly.

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