Toddlers and Garage Doors

So this was supposed to be about technology and other projects I’m working on but life doesn’t always work the way you planned. I got a surprise project last night as we were about to go on a walk around the neighborhood.

I was in the basement working on my Skee Ball machines (what this is supposed to be about) when I got a text from my wife. “I think our garage door is busted.” I come up to the garage expecting that someone has put something in front of the sensor or something simple like that. Instead I see this on the floor.

Self Tapping Metal Screw

Now we have a project! My two year old proudly says “I locked the door!” A memory pops into my head of my home inspector telling me I should put a screw through the lock or take it off as they can cause damage to the opener. I of course ignored him. After a quick inspection I find another screw and where they came from.

What’s this called?? I don’t know.
Ripped Metal on the Door

Great… Good thing I know a garage door guy! I FaceTime my father and he give me the instructions on how to adjust the open and closed position and tension on the opener. A quick smash with a hammer to flatten the tears and it’s time for one of my favorite tools. The impact hammer. I tap new holes with the old screws, adjust the opener ever so slightly, and that’s that. The door opens and closes and I catch up with my family.

Impact Hammer
Bracket Attached

Good thing he’s cute. As I type this he is sitting in my lap asking for more orange juice. So the post about the Skee Ball machine rebuild will have to wait. Again.

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